This blog has reached 700 followers!! Ohhh gosh it was only in July that I posted about reaching 400 followers, now it has almost doubled already?? THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYBODY, and I’m sorry I’m not one of the most active artists out there.. I have a lot of pending requests on two different blogs plus have all these ideas of my own I’d want to do so please bear with me!

A month old doodle that I failed to colour earlier because my computer crashed on me but this second try turned out better anyway!

I was requested to draw Uvo/Shal and a pastelnark so I tried combining the two.. it didn’t turn out all that pastel though. also strategically cropped leg because I’m lazy

foreverlostways asked: Just wanted to say that I really like your art! Especially the darker ones!

thank you!! i’m actually a big horror enthusiast so i’d want to draw darker stuff more frequently than i currently do. i will try!

a-mid0ri asked: Hello! I really really really love your blog i just descovered it but i really like it and your drawings are the best ♥!!

aaaa thank you very much!!! ((┌|o^▽^o|┘))♪

A couple of devilish Gons I drew for my main blog’s Halloween theme because I apparently have to draw creepy Gons every year. Tumblr stretches the image a tiny bit on dash so I’d appreciate viewing in full size in the blog

+ Click for full size image in one piece +

I meant to do this for the last episode, but I……. maybe overestimated myself a little… but better late than never. It was obviously impossible to include even nearly every possible character, I basically chose the ones I wanted to draw which is why I skipped so many chimera ants

I started watching HxH ‘11 from the very first episode three years ago. I remember not having been super convinced by episode one, but the beautiful colours, great music and old-school charm were enough to bring me back for the second episode the following week, and then the third, then the fourth.. and gradually it became my favourite weekly anime, and eventually, most favourite series ever. This anime gave me so many memories, so many friends, even this blog since the reason I made a Tumblr account in the first place was to find other HxH fans — and it is the first fandom where I’ve received this sort of recognition for my art, as well as my writing.

I will probably sit here feeling empty about it for a good long while. It’s like the end of an era in my life, that’s how important this series is to me. I truly hope we get to see continuation one day, and that the manga will keep going and that we’ll meet a handful of these wonderful characters again.

This blog has been Very Quiet because I’m taking forever finishing a thing I’m working on so here’s a couple of (bad phone camera quality) marker doodles for the 69min challenge, the themes were “horror” and “youkai”

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